Stallion Services

We offer stallion services at the clinic including live cover hand breeding, collection training, semen collection, and shipped semen from in house stallions.


Heide Veterinary Services provides clients with procedures and techniques to get lower fertility mares into foal as well as diagnostic tools to determine the cause as well as degree of infertility.

Foaling and High Risk Pregnancies

We offer foaling services for routine pregnancies as well as high risk pregnancies.  Our clinic is set up with technology to monitor the mares during their foaling stay with us.

Artificial Insemination

During breeding season we are performing artificial inseminations on mares.  We can artificially inseminate scheduled mares with either fresh, cooled or frozen semen.

Embryo Transfer and Embryo Freezing

Here at HVS we perform both Embryo Transfer from the donor mare into the selected recipient mare as well as Embryo Freezing where we are able to harvest live embryo's and freeze them for safe storage until the desired time to place them into a recipient mare. 

Heide Veterinary Services has a special interest in Equine Reproduction and we offer various services and techniques to get your mares bred.